Plum Busby


The Plum Busby Zemstov as it is known to MI5 takes its musical eclecticism to giddy heights before descending into the frankly banal.

The band first conceived (along with several children) in the notorious Trent Park tutorial room of Huw Thomas in 1976 has now little use for its progenitor having become really quite good.

The Music of Plum Busby gives voice and hope to the inner yearnings of lost souls whilst holding out no hope of outer earnings. The band is a haven for incestuous nepotism and the dysfunctional family dance.

Despite this its back line The Brothers Keen Gabriel (Piano), Alex (Bass) and Winston (Drums) are perhaps the most formidable and funky unit in the Western Hemisphere. Their distant relatives, second cousins twice removed Stuart Hall (Guitar, Bass, and Violin) and Phillip Archille(Chromatic Harmonica) provide an edgy improvisational fluency that reminds me of the early days of Sir John Barbarolli.

The lead singer and sex goddess Tracy Coleman sings the shit out of anything and everything in sight, what a mover! What a range! What a Tart !

Mandy Carlton her half sister on her grannies side, provides harmony,,control and balance, whilst being just a touch unhinged herself. What a Groover! What a change! What a Tart!

Many relatives, siblings and progeny join the band from time to time.

Peter and Lisa Graham (drums and sax), aloof, cynical and distanced by fame never the less cannot resist the occasional allure of blowing in if they must, part of a musical dynasty which flows through their jeans the family has conquered from Henley on Thames to Bang Cock.

The Stunning daughter and Aunty of Stuart Hall (don’t ask) has played bass with the band and after only two lessons on anything makes her father very proud (not his usual state).

Megan’s mother a siren of the Tuba sits cross-legged on the floor and lures musicians onto her rocks (I don’t think they mind much) She has toyed with us.

Huw’s lover and confidant Steve Rose a fine bass player and pianist often plays with the band but has been lured into the woods by his wife (she refuses to acknowledge our love affair) and now contents himself with running his recording studios in Hertfordshire and eating too much. Incidentally his wife Laura a brilliant cellist has yet to play with the band but once I am out of the picture no doubt! (Too much information here) ed. 

The Sibling Sisters Liz Palmer (flute and whistles) Annie Parker (Sax and Flute)

Olly Blanchflower (bass and great sensitivity) And Russ Van De Burg (Sax ,Flute) have all blown in and blown out again having experienced the agony and ecstasy of a no rehearsal, no sound check, leaderless cacophony of joy and mayhem. 

Jake Rodrigues a player of almost all known musical instruments is a one-man mischief-maker and comedic stimulator often plays with the band and is one of the few people in the world who really thrives on chaos.

You never know what to expect with a Plum Busby gig!!!!! 

And the winner is LALALALALALA Land 

Please support this hopeless charity for a truly sexy, funny, unusual evening of lots of songs from many genres.  Probably without me !!